This site started life as (still live) and was administered by Morag O’Hanlon. But Morag is a pretty busy woman; besides caring for many horses and teaching riding, she helped her daughter Selena prepare for the Canadian Olympic Team and compete as an equestrian at the Beijing Olympics. In 2007, Ozzi Jarvinen took over the administration of the site and changed it to Ozzi is a Finnish computer whiz, who is based in Chiang Mai.

So that’s the history of the site; I had originally hoped to update it more and make it more blog-like. Alas, reality and day jobs constantly get in the way. Still I have been based in South-East Asia for two decades now, and I think it is one of the most fascinating and beautiful areas on planet Earth. I hope you will find the stories and people portrayed in this site interesting and maybe one day lead you to do some exploring in this part of the world.


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