In the late 60s the Beatles embarked on a Magical Mystery Tour. Well, if you are a fan of rock’n roll why not embark on a little tour yourself, that of the Magical Musical Museum, which is the Hard Rock Hotel and Café in Pattaya. For music aficionados this is the next best thing to taking off and visiting the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

From Keith Moon’s leather suit, which he wore at the Santa Monica Music Awards in 1975 to George Harrison’s Hare Krishna outfit, which he donned for the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971 – it’s all on display at the Hard Rock Hotel and Café in Pattaya. Tom Petty’s acoustic guitar; guitars from Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielson and The Cars’ Elliot Easton; Stevie Nicks’ long black silky dress; Geri Halliwell’s purple dress from the Spice Girls; Mick Jagger’s blue china robe, are all on display.

Even David Bowie’s cape from his Ziggy Stardust & Spiders from Mars tour is in evidence as is Boy George’s cape from his halcyon days; Diana Ross’ stage gown; Isaac Hayes tuxedo with fur trim; Roy Orbison’s wool n’ leather jacket; John Lennon’s black cashmere top coat; Paul McCartney’s beige tuxedo style shirt; Elvis Presley’s army dress uniform; Prince’s blue guitar; Ray Manzarak’s keyboard, Clarence Clemons’ saxophone; and Weird Al Yankovic’s accordion. The list just goes on and on and includes guitar pics from Willie Nelson, Robin Trower, Johnny Cash, John Hiatt, George Jones, Pat Metheny, Jimmy Page and Lenny Kravitz, among others. Music aficionados will truly be in heaven. And that’s just what’s on display in the hotel.

The Café boasts one of Jimi Hendrix’s vests; guitars from James Taylor, Gene Simmons, and Bill Haley; Britney Spears leopard skin pants & tanktop; Christina Aguilera’s Hard Rock shirt; Elton John’s shoes & woven denim suit; George Harrison’s straw hat from Help; Eric Clapton’s denim jacket from the Concert for Bangladesh; Cher’s costume from her Sonny & Cher days.    


But it’s not only the hotel’s memorabilia that sets it apart: it has Pattaya’s largest free form pool featuring two built-in Jacuzzis; it’s own manmade beach dotted with cabanas you can rent; its own rock climbing wall; Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons a band plays to the poolside guests; and every Saturday there’s an erotic foam bath where guests can have all kinds of fun and get into all kinds of trouble.

There’s a touch of rock n’ roll everywhere. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs say, ‘I hear ya knockin’ but ya can’t come in.’ (Dave Edmonds) The ‘Please Clean the Room’ sign says, ‘Now it begins, clean up time.’(John Lennon). Each room has huge posters of famous rock stars; the pillowcases wear cute lyrics like ‘Are you lonesome tonight,’(Roy Orbison) or ‘Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home.’


Even the hotel’s meeting rooms have a theme to them like the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin, so your room will either be adorned with pictures of Mick and Keith or Jimmy and Robert.

The Hard Rock Spa offers a wide range of body therapies, local Thai massages, facial treatments and foot reflexology in an ambience of Zen inspired decoration. Six high quality oil selections are imported from Bali and contain natural ingredients. And all therapists are professionally trained. Hotel guests also have free access to the fitness center, steam room, sauna and cold plunge pool.  

The best way to enjoy the Hard Rock Hotel & Café in Pattaya is to put your business on hold during your stay. Lock your phone up in your room safe, leave the laptop at home, and even though the Hotel has a great E Bar, don’t check your email. Just soak up the atmosphere and have fun. Then when you have to go back to work you will feel refreshed and energized.


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