The “FUN” Regatta Lives Up to its Reputation

The word's out! The 13th Phang Nga Bay Regatta has once again met with the

distinction as being the “FUN” Regatta. An astounding sailingroute and anchorages

leaving from Phuket through majestic Phang NgaBay to Krabi and back to Phuket

with five nights of different prizegiving presentations and parties have made this

event one of the mostmemorable ones on the Asian yachting circuit.

The regatta does a complete loop of the Bay and while some serious racing

yachts join each year after coming to Phuket for the King’s Cup Regatta

in December, the more serious side of yachting is left behind as everyone

sets out for the fun of sailing among the amazing, vertical rock mountains

of the bay.

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The limestone karsts and the islands of the bay set the backdrop for
the 41 entrants competing in six classes - Racing, Cruising A,
Cruising B, Racing Multihulls, Cruising Mulltihulls and Firefly 850 -
which included racers in Asian regattas, family liveaboard cruisers
and for the first time, a beach cat. 226 people from countries such as
from Hong Kong, Aust
ralia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, The
Philippines, USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, USSR,
Turkey and of course Thailand participated in the sailing fun.

Aside from yachts that participated in the racing, three glorious
ladies of the sea attended this year as spectators and support ships
for the organizing committee, racing committee, local sponsors and
media. Silolona is a 50 metre Indonesian Phinsi, Diva Andaman a 35
metre schooner and Vega is a 117-year-old historical vessel.

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Varying wind and blistering conditions marked the early
days of the regatta only to heighten in the latter days to reveal keen
sailing, some of the world's most spectacular cruising routes not to
mention luxurious destinations were to be savoured and enjoyed.

A grand opening to the event was the party at Absolute Chandara
Resort and Spa with racing for Day 1 from Ao Po, to follow the
striking route of limestone karsts through Phang Nga Bay to reach the
secluded anchorage of Chong Lat and a delightful onshore seafood meal
and party at Laem Sak Seafood. Aside from heavy rain and a power
outage during the evening, the beauty of the anchorage at dusk and
dawn was enough to stun all. Similarly, the third day saw the fleet
wind through the setting of island entourages to the day’s onshore
festivities at The Paradise Koh Yao where a smorgasbord of European
foods and party provided by the day's sponsor, delighted the crowds.

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Better winds greeted the fleet on the last two days to provide more
exhilarating conditions. Day Three saw the fleet winding its way to
Krabi with a well-staged presentation and disco style party at the
Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort. A run around local Krabi islands with a
spinnaker reach saw the fleet back to Phuket for the final wrap up at
Kan Eang II in Chalong at the south end of the island.

Results (from Captain Marty)

John Vause's Ruby Tuesday broke through to score first place in the Racing Class on the final day but when Mike Downard's Switchblade sailing under Team Turkey posted second place they have done enough
to secure the Overall title. Third place for Ben Copley's Katsu had them tied on points with Ruby Tuesday, which was broken in Katsu's favour and relegated Ruby Tuesday down to third overall.

Niels Degenkolw's Phoenix kept a clean score sheet with four wins in a row, to rap up the Cruising A title in style. Hugh Thompson's Fidgi took second place and Jon Button/Phil Kendall's Simba in third place. These three top three boats finished all races in the same order.

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Graham Tuckey's Optoloi (Vietnamese for kangaroo) finally broke through to break Bill Crump and Fistral's stranglehold on first place in the final day of racing. Kevan Perrins Rusalka did one better than in Day 3 to slot into second place. Barry Wickett's Kay Sira mainly crewed by Langkawi Sailing School
students lifted their game in the stronger winds to fill third place on the final day. As the drop race was introduced despite only having four races Bill Crump's Fistral three wins in a row made it the undisputed overall Cruising B class winner. First place on the final day went to Graham Tuckey's Optoloi, which lifted them to second overall and Gavin Welman's Rascal slipped down to third overall.

Hans Rahmann's Voodoo made it four wins in a row to romp away with the Firefly 850 class title. After a slow start Roger Kingdon's Moto Inzi came good to slip into second place overall. Third place on the final day for Chris Jongerius The Frog automatically broke the 3rd day tie with Moto Inzi and confirmed third spot on the podium.

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The Multihull Racing class was a little up and down but when Fergus Wilmer/Henry Kaye's Thor slammed the door shut on the competitors to snatch line and handicap honours on the last day they rocketed back up to the top of the podium. Second place in the final race saw Mark Pescott's Sumersalt drop down to second overall. Two third places in a row for Grenville Fordham's Da Vinci Nina saw it make a gallant recovery to claim third overall.

Finally Hermann Schwarz's Vienna Cat put one over Bill Phelps Maharani in the two boat Multihull Cruising class but not enough to topple Maharani from the top of the podium (

What participants had to say

"We had a fantastic regatta. Very hot. Much different conditions than
sailing in Turkey where it is snowing now. We plan to come back next
year,” said Selim Kakis & Team Turkey on sailed Switchblade during the event.

"Yet another Phang Nga Bay Regatta meets all expectations. There were
better winds than usual, the venues took care of us and the race
organization lived up to its flawless standard." Mark Pescott, long-time participant and skipper of Sumersalt

"A lovely regatta! Good wind and good parties." Ian Coulson, Voodoo

"A chorus of musical instruments from Fistral to 'whistle' up the
wind and lots of good food, music, beer and smiles. Owner Graham
Stuckey was quite pleased to get second overall as it was the first
regatta and race in his life." Matt McGrath, Optoloi

(Ed Note: The Phang Nga Bay regatta's official name has been changed to The Bay Regatta:
Phuket, Phang Nga & Krabi.)

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