In a thrilling charity hockey game held recently to raise money for Thai flood victims Team Canada defeated the World Team 7-5. The game launched “The Rink”, a new ice skating facility located on the 7th floor of the Central Grand Rama IX shopping centre. Team Canada was composed of Canadian expats based in Thailand, plus four visiting Canadian MPs (Patrick Brown – Barrie, Andrew Saxton - North Vancouver, Brian Jean – Fort McMurray, and Blaine Calkins - Edmonton ), and ex-Trustee Justin Heran from Barrie. The World team was a collection of American, Czech, English, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Swedish players based in Thailand. It was also boosted by the top line from the Thai National Team, which won silver at the Asian Winter Games in Kazakhstan in 2011.

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The Canadian team fell behind 2-0 early in the game; then rallied with four straight goals to take the led 4-2. MP Brown scored on a beautiful slapshot to tie the game at 2 and Kirk Nell tipped in a clearing pass to put the Canadians in the led. The World team rallied to within one scoring to trail only 4-3. But the Canadians seemed to draw energy from a skirmish in front of the World net and exploded for three goals in quick succession to take a commanding 7-3 lead. The World squad later two added goals late in the game to make the final score a respectable 7-5.

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Thomas Doucet was in goal for Canada during the first period, Simon Halverson during the second period and Lance Parker was in net in the third. Fiftteen-year-old Halverson, the son of RCMP officer Gary Halverson, was particularly brilliant during stretches of the second frame when the World team stormed the net trying to tie the score.

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The BNH mascots were on hand delivering good cheer as they worked the crowd. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show, especially the Canadian MPs who were presented with their own personal Flying Farang jerseys before the game.

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Organizer Scott Murray said, “We were on pins and needles up until game time because the Zamboni was broken, but in the end it all worked out and everyone had a good time. The Flying Farangs would like to thank Khun Noi of The Rink, Sakchai Chinanuvatana and Scott Whitcomb, without whose help we could not have staged this game.”

The game raised Bt70,990.25 for the Thai Red Cross in support of flood relief.

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